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What do you think would help break the violent crime wave across america?


Sep 5, 2021
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I think if you are out on bond and you are out victimizing people again, you should take a .45 to the chest
> cheap
> guilt is already established
> and habitual offender status is confirmed

However, this is a world of compassion, so breaking rocks for 20 years under the Mississippi sun is just as restorative. They should be put into a cell that is essentially a deep dark hole that is always either too hot or too cold. Moving from either extreme. And then with a white noise that you can barely hear. Thats the cell. Outside is slavery. License plates, medical experimentation, break rocks. This is true restorative justice. Meaning that it restores civility to our world by jailing.I think this country being so weak on violent crime is an open invitation to vigilante justice and creates a power vacuum.

Mandatory minimums for violent crime starting at 10 years would go a loooong way at keeping violent crime down. Cant offend if they are locked up for a decade.

First time non-violent offenders should not be locked up with societal trash, they should go to a minimum security prison and given a real chance. They should exit with skills and knowledge to become productive. If they behave for a full 3 years they get their offense expunged, its both harsh but fair. If they are on the 20 years, they can help reduce their sentence by volunteering for testing experimental vaccines and really any medical experimentation on a risk basis.

Last, but not least: More judges to process more people and not even give them a bond.

People have called this "facist", okay smart guy what is your take?
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Ex Fed
Nov 11, 2022
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So can it be judge, jury, AND executioner time?

Sidenote, isn't ironic that there's always a ton of crime in the mega cities even with the judges. Albeit this isn't the case in all the comics.
Yeah, cuz it worked so well in the past...NOT!
Actually it depends on time period, civilization, and culture, if anything else.
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Sketch Relics

Quiet Traveller
Sep 28, 2022
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Nuke the 5 most violent cities in America, without those the USA is tied for 2nd least violent country.
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