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What games have you been playing lately?


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May 8, 2023
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The indie game market is really booming right now for those reasons + a ton of great indie games coming out
or if you don't want to bother filtering out the shovelware you could try older games from abandonware sites

Honestly looking forward to this new armored core. Gonna wait for review to come out to see if it's worth playing. I hope since Japan is involved it won't be woke trash. Other than that if you have some good indie suggestions, I see indie stuff more and more as the best option in gaming at this point.

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Sep 28, 2022
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Honestly looking forward to this new armored core. Gonna wait for review to come out to see if it's worth playing.
While you're waiting, you can try emulating some of the older AC games, most people recommend starting with 3 into Silent line, but 4 Answer, AC1, and AC2 are all decent starting points.
Just so you know, up until Nexus (where From invented their modern control scheme) the base control scheme is very archaic, but the games all have full controller remap so you can set camera controls to your face buttons for a pseudo duel stick layout.

The only game I hard recommend against stating at is Last Raven, not because it's bad(it's actually one of the best imo), but because it is brutally hard.

I should also note that each numbered title series has massively changed mechanics past Last Raven so AC1 to Last Raven, 4/4A, and V/Verdict Day all play very differently from one another. I would imagine that 6 will probably be its own thing as well.
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May 26, 2023
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I am actually playing Rimworld. Great game... However, I'm already getting a little bored, so it's possible that I'll soon abandon my colony. But I will probably return to this game more than once in the future.

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