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"What Happens After We Die?" by Neon95 album review

Neon95 released this album at the end of 2020, and I have to say that the whole concept is genial.
Talking about death without using a single word, and making understandable every idea in every song.
After the Pokèwave albums, this is a very different one so let's explore it:

Welcome to the Afterlife: we can hear a voice through a speaker as if we were in some kind of afterlife station or airport, there is a looped melody which is very well hearable even though we always hear the public space noises in the background. 10/10.

Dream Catcher: the title of this song mat be related to the things we see when we die. The repetitive melody is extremely pleasant to hear and the whole song has a happy and catchy vibe. Would recommend this on a bad day.

RE:Incarnate: there is an initial intro where a man speaks about what happens after we die, and we can hear him again during the song.
At some point the song first gets slower , and then a bit faster as if the listener got into a tunnel and has started reincarnating.

Far, Far Away: this song is a little bit slower and nostalgic, it is the way the passing of time feels when you miss someone who is not here anymore. I would also add that this piece has a very sweet melody.

Stars shine brightest in the Dark: the main melody is nostalgic and emotional, the exact feeling you get by looking at the stars in the dark. I have to admit that this song made me cry a little because of how beautiful it is.

Pass through the Fog...: we are in a crucial moment of our Afterlife trip, we are in the Fog, walking to get to our final destination.

...into the Great Unknown: and now, here we go, we are in the Great Unknown, the end of our journey, an unknown destination and a new future.

As I said: this album is fantastically fantastic.
The concept, the sound, each song expresses what Neon95 wanted us to perceive, what happens after we die then?
We still do not know, but this album can help us imagine.


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