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What was your first computer system?


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it was a shitty 486, that i had built out of thrift store salvaged computers.

also fucked around on a c64 quite a bit, which i still have:
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Hi all

I'm old. My first "computer" was am Mattel Intellivision, I still have it. Then came C64 with a cassette deck, later upgraded to a floppy drive. You had to cut a small piece of off the floppy if you wanted to use both sides of it..or does my memory make up stuff of it's own..? And the cassette deck you could adjust with a screw driver.

I was so jealous to a couple of my friends who got Amiga 500, that was the best shit back then. Then Leisure Suit Larry on B&W PC that had something like 16KB of RAM and that was a lot.

I also had a C-cassette 4-track recorder, faux wood panels and all.. but the coolest thing was El-cassette; a friend had a player and a bunch of cassettes from the 70's.. they were like huge C-cassettes with a really good sound,sounded like vinyls.


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I think I was in kindergarten or first grade when my gram got me my purple Compaq Presario desktop personal computer. It was the love of my life, and I was beyond heartbroken when the hardware developed issues when I was 19. Long story short, after it became unusable, I had no choice but to leave it behind when I moved. I had no way to transport it and nowhere to store it. I still mourn. :'(


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an old hp from an older cousin, don't remember the model, but it had less than a gig of space, 95-96 i think cause it had windows 95, lol, i remember printing pictures of "swimsuit models" and it taking forever, and my rents came home and i smashed the off button on the tower and yanked the picture outta the printer as they where walking in the door, pheww lad. ;D
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One of these, hooked up to a black and white TV.
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Not sure what model, but it had Windows XP in it.
Same here. Memory's fuzzy, but I know for sure it was XP because I played space cadet pinball damn near 24/7.

Also, I'm positive it was one of those old Gateways because I distinctly remember that cow logo.
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My first マイコン was a Compaq Presario like the guy above.
I got it in 2000 or 2001, it had windows 98.
I didn't have internet at that time so I used it to play The Sims.
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