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When 4 worlds collide

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Really? This is what you are going with?
Oct 20, 2021
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Hello, fellow travellers.
Just found a really spooky halloween type album.
It is called Fear Inoculum.
I used listen to Undertow and AEnima a lot backin the 90's.
But this is one scary album. And that Maynard guy creeps me right out, nowadays.
Did something happen to him? Is it still "him"?
Seems the "coof" was not kind to him. Perhaps, another speaks for him now?

I used to love that guy...

The lyrics are the kicker though.
Because they are so presciently terrifying. It nearly makes me want an innoculation against F.E.A.R.

Anybody, no of some good haloween tunes. A bit spicy, is ok but not too much.
Is it even a Pumpkin if it has more than 10% nutmeg?
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