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Why Buildings are Sentient and Evil (Extended Phenotype & Living Systems Theory)


I was browsing around the internet the other day and I found an interesting post on /x/, its about the sentience of buildings and Living systems theory. Basically what it suggests is that of all things encompassing a living network of non organic material. Kinda of the same concept of Gaia. It proposes that everything from a termites nest to galaxies are living organic organisms that are influenced by a multidimensional complex. Take a look below on what this anon proposed on the evilness of Buildings. Literally.

Buildings rule the world, all of global civilization is designed to service them, not human beings. The biggest mistake of human history was the construction of permanent structures, which eventually led to our enslavement by them. We've been enslaved by buildings ever since the construction of the "great" pyramids, and have worshiped buildings ever since.
The post 9/11 insanity was because 9/11 was an attack on some of the most prominent buildings in the world, not because people died. The outrage of the BLM protests is because buildings are targeted with graffiti and broken windows. The federal secret police was called into Seattle to defend a federal courthouse.

Still not convinced? Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders of the Middle Ages. Consider how buildings such as McDonald's franchises are like organisms, reproducing according to their architectural DNA. On the back of every bill of U.S. currency is a famous building. The "hell" of the modern world is homelessness: the state of not being owned by a building. A building is very similar to a tree, drawing nutrients from the land around it via its "roots," which are roads and utility infrastructure. But unlike a tree, a building is an undead organism that feeds off of the destruction of life at every step; the "forests" of buildings we call cities is where life is most absent and detached from the natural world.

What is the end-game of buildings? The elimination of humanity and all life on Earth via complete robotic automation of the means to sustain and build them. Nothing but mindless building forever and ever. Buildings have a sentience, and that sentience is that of a paperclip maximizer: https://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Paperclip_maximizer




View: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Briefing-Descent-Flamingo-Modern-Classic/dp/0006548083

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iC9xpDSXyI



You may think to yourself "but I wanted info on conscious buildings, not memetics!", but the truth is by understanding the true implications of memetics, the extended phenotype and living systems theory, you will come to understand the consciousness of buildings along with the consciousness of every other distinct object, material or otherwise. You will learn that buildings, places, concepts, ideologies, ideas, emotional states, universal laws, chemical processes, musical instruments, fictional characters... literally everything which can be named whether it exists on the physical plane or one of the higher or lower, is literally alive and has functions, purposes and desires.

You should realize also that this idea is so deep that to adopt it will change your thinking forever. This is your exposure to the metameme, and if you consider it deeply over the coming days and weeks to fully absorb its implications, you won't be able to return to your previous state of ignorance regarding the nature of life and consciousness.

You are built out of living things, the cells in your body are alive, replicating in the own interest, like yourself.
They have found a way to work together to create a unified body so as to make their replication more successful.

This body is called a phenotype, and the things that you put on your body is called the extended phenotype, for example the clothes you wear are part of the extended phenotype because they affect your replicative success.

The extended phenotype is part of the same evolution that shaped your eyes and ears.
Language and ideas are part of the extended phenotype, they are an external instinct, better than its original counterpart because it can mutate faster, and thus can suit its environment faster than the otherwise slow neurological mutations would allow.

In fact this so called active instinct is capable of evolving in realtime, before the the next generation has even been born, its this much faster.
Thus language was born.

Language is also capable of leaving the body it does not necessarily have to be exclusively inherited.
And ideas that are not inherited are no longer dependent upon your entire phenotype for replication.

There is another species which exhibits similar characteristics, called a virus. The virus is an RNA bacteria capable of leaving the body in which it would otherwise die with. It is therefore no longer handicapped to serve the replication of its host, and can replicate to its hearts content. The virus is only dependent on A cell for replication, whose cell does not matter.

Likewise ideas that aren't inherited like they used to, are no longer limited to serve the replication of their host, but can and WILL mutate to serve its own replication instead.
Gradually, it goes from serving you, till you serving IT.
You become its slave, and not the other way around.

To the virus, YOU are the phenotypic machine.
And the idea will mutate in to a parasite upon its host.

The reason why all the pre-abrahamic religions exhibits similar characteristics but with different names is because they were limited by serving the replication of their host body, the human.
The are recipes for a fertile life, and a way to copy humans not just in terms of having babies, but to have those babies also have the same idea.
You are both a mind and a body, and together you are the masters of this earth.
Remove one from the other and you get diminishment.

In order to successfully replicate, its not enough to just have sex, you also need to raise your children. And instill the same ideas that created you in them.

Christianity was the first sign of the meme reaching out of its own containment, and forcing itself upon others. Where as warfare used to deal in terms of blood and soil, it now became about ideas.

All those ideas that were limited to merely inheritance had a huge handicap in their scope, they had to wait for another generation to copy itself, where as memes could simply jump from phenotype to phenotype.

The pre-abrahamic religions had little defense against such a threat, it had never encountered anything like this before. The only defense was taboo, a way of keeping on track, and not wander to far away from our genetic imperatives. Memes are a mind virus and a parasite upon their host, they control your motivation, what you want, and makes you want to serve its replication rather than the other way around as was its original function.
The virus.
A virus used to be a phenotypic machine, a product of and/or a function of the phenotype, depending on how you look at it.
The machines that operate within your body may seem friendly, but they are in fact selfish, your body trust its machines will operate in a way that benefits you, but this may not always be the case and when it isn't, this very trust by your body will portray a major weakness.

Because the only thing that keeps your machines and functions in line with the interest of the phenotype is the constraints that the phenotype presents.
The phenotype will prove a major handicap to the many replicators it hosts, and this handicap is what makes the replicators inside your body seem friendly. They are forced to cooperate if they want to replicate themselves. But if the constraints are in any way lifted, for instance being able to change body, switching to a different phenotype will lift the constraints these replicators would otherwise have.
Our body would then serve the replications of these machines while they do longer necessarily have to serve our replication, this asymmetric relationship is what we call parasitic. The roles change, to the virus YOU are the phenotypic machine.
The idea.
Animals have for a long time been able of quite elaborate tricks and nests that we call extended phenotypes, these are built in to the animal like a pre-programmed behavior we call instinct.
But being able to learn new tricks is a lot more complex, most animals can only be taught something if immediately rewarded, and they will have a difficult time mimicking the behavior of others.
Humans have an easy time mimicking the behavior of others, because our strategy revolves around learning.

This learning behavior is such a benefit to humans that the pre-programmed behaviors are phased out making room for this newly found ability.
Mutating genetically implanted behavior is hard, takes time and evolves slowly, a learned behavior can evolve in real time, and mutates much more aggressively to suit the environment in which its host lives.

Because of this Ideas can not only manipulate our immediate actions, but also our long term motivations, standing in for our genetic imperatives.
Who do you teach your ideas to?
Who better to teach your new ideas to, than your own children? this way the idea, otherwise un-restricted by our phenotype, is in this way tied to the survival of the phenotype and can only serve the replication of its host lest it perish itself.

Relative to the child, the parent represents success because he has replicated.
This constrains the idea to only serve the replication of its host, it mutates and becomes a recipe for a fertile lifestyle.
In this goal, it can apply a few tricks, for instance, it does not necessarily have to be testable, provable or otherwise adhere to the scientific rules we have now invented.
These inherited ideas are more commonly referred to as religions, stories which blends fabula and historia to create motivations and drives which correlates positively with fertility.
The meme
An idea that is not exclusively inherited becomes a meme, because it is no longer constrained by the phenotype, it is allowed to evolve on its own, to the detriment of its host.
Because it is allowed to, means that it WILL do so.

One of the first functions previously provided by the inherited idea to go, would be the ideas that could not be tested and proved.
This gave the idea an edge in its own replication, but hampered its original functionality as a recipe for fertility.
Slowly there was established a line between historia and fabula, the morals of the stories became obfuscated and fewer.

The meme selects for inclusive traits, so morals, rules, hierarchies and the otherwise exclusive traits of the inherited religious ideas has to give way so as to make the idea as spreadable as possible.
The motivation that people under the influence of the meme has, gradually goes from replicating themselves, to replicating the meme.
They live for the meme, for truth, and the meme does not live for them.

If current trends continue we will face a tower of babylon event, in which people will either loose their ability to relay information (IE split in to separate languages, unable to understand each other), or perish.

The last cry of Apollo, of order, system, civilization is that we MUST make the meme self aware, we must take control of the meme or be reduced to simple sects and neoluddite tribes like the Amish.

Inherited ideas are not memes.
You are supposed to relay the language, the words and the ideas brought down by your parents, and you are supposed to tell them to your offspring.

This is why words exist in the first place.
It is why ideas exist in the first place.
It is even why the observer, the question can exist in the first place.
Without the host, the idea cannot exist, and any idea that kills the host, implies its own demise, it is therefore the opposite of an idea, an un-idea, it is un-truth.

People often don't know about "World Souls" as I call them. The souls of places and acts of nature. They're part fallen gods, part spirits of those who've passed. Basically the bodies of beings on a plane above ours, their mind is what we see as the body of our world. Their imagination, these colorful shapes we call trees and plants that they dream up.

And when lower beings congregate, they can create new world souls of varying sizes, ones for just a building or maybe an entire town, anywhere people agree and their ideas build egragors as almost a webbing basis for this world to grow onto.

Worlds are clever, and they have borders, if you pay close enough attention just while driving or walking around you may even be able to notice when you stumble across a border of some similar worlds... most of ours are tightly packed and similar, but if you let yourself feel the world around you, you may notice it more.

Your own soul also occupies more space than you think, your "setting" is part of you that's projected, and others who agree on reality with you strengthen and project the same setting, feeding the world and strengthening it's grip over what the beings within it can and can't do.

So slowly, the people and the world loose themselves and fall into a rhythm, a setting, a tone, a theme. As times change, worlds are born and die, and we cross between them all the time.

View: https://vimeo.com/129609470

Reality is more complex and involves much more than just buildings. Western philosophy and worldviews since the time of the Greeks have emphacized permanence and timelessness to the expense of change and relationality. Almost everyone subscribes to substance metaphysics, the metaphysics of being, differing only in what they identify as the fundamental substance of reality. The contrast to this is reality as a dynamic process of processes, reality defined in terms of motion and not motionless "things-in-themselves" removed from the relationships with the rest of the universe.

Permanence-centric worldviews, the desire for permanence, and the result of permanence-seeking all reinforce themselves. The psychological cause comes from the knowledge that we will inevitably die, and a failure to overcome this fear: instead the "solution" is to become immortal, either through certain belief in an afterlife or as a memory or "meme" (to create something timeless that "endures for all ages.")

Modern science has shown the doctrine of permanence for the fiction it is on all scales from the largest to smallest. The universe has changed radically, such that early in its life it was completely alien to us: the Earth, sun, the stars, even atoms once didn't exist. Most of the substance of the Earth didn't exist in present form, requiring the birth and supernova death of early stars to create the very elements we are composed of. Life initially was entirely microscopic, single-celled organisms; our best guess is that life originated 4.5 billion years ago, yet multicellular organisms only evolved 600 million years ago.
Make Love Glitch GIF by Altered State of Mind

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but what is energy? There is no "essence" of energy, energy defined as a thing-in-itself, energy is a relationship of potential motion between objects. But as objects are made of matter, which is made of energy, which is a relationship between objects, we're stuck in a strange loop: the foundation of reality is relational. As process-relational philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said, "the misconception which has haunted philosophic literature throughout the centuries is the notion of 'independent existence.'

There is no such mode of existence; every entity is to be understood in terms of the way it is interwoven with the rest of the universe." This is an ecosystemic view of reality. To avoid the impossibility about having to talk about the entire universe to talk about anything at all, we need to make simplifications and omissions in order to understand something, to determine that certain facts are relatively unimportant in regards to a certain line of inquiry. This method of reductionism is extremely powerful, but what such a narrowing of focus gains in comprehensibility it loses in the ability to see outside of the constriction of its own frame of interpretation.

Substance metaphysics finds its mathematical expression in the law of identity x=x; something is itself, in itself, according to itself, and any change that happens to it is something that happens to IT, unaffecting its unchanging "essence." Process metaphysics finds its mathematical expression in calculus (the mathematical study of continuous change) as integration and differentiation as inverse operations of the same process. Integration is "finding the whole," and allows for the calculation of area or volume. Differentiation in contrast involves instantaneous change such as velocity and acceleration.
model vhs GIF by veduta

Integration and differentiation correspond to fundamental modes of conscious perception of change: instantaneous change in the present moment, and cumulative change through time. The experience of instantaneous change is our experience of the immediate present, while our experience of cumulative change is temporal, involving the creation of stories of change over time, and is the mode of language and causal efficacy. Buddhism is based on the observation of the present moment (which is what mindfulness meditation is) and describes all of reality in terms of this perspective, leading to such doctrines as anicca (impermanence.) In contrast Western thought is logos-centric, and is based on the perspective of cumulative change; the concept of timeless substance is derivative (pun intended) from this perspective of time, requiring the concept of temporality to make the atemporal coherent (that which is unaffected by change over time.)

Process metaphysics includes both perspectives as part of the evolutionary process of reality itself, which can be imagined in the terms of evolution. Our experience of the present moment is the mutagenic aspect of experience, the continuous re-discovery of the ever-changing world of experience. The mode of causal efficacy / cumulative change corresponds to selection; it is goal-centric. The obsession with choice and decision-making in Western thought has everything to do with privileging the perceptual mode of cumulative change.

The overwhelming majority of people here now had no other choice. This is the last type 0 civilization with access points that have the ability to teach, and rectify past mistakes. There are many souls here currently that did not come through maturation in this area.
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I'm not sure if anyone truly understands the finality of deletion. Your soul's energy cannot die, but your attachment to that energy can be erased. When this happens, soul's are fragmented billions of times over, and utilized for growing new civilizations from the start elsewhere. As a soul goes through the maturation process on its way to becoming attached to an intelligent body, these fragments are condensed into a single structure. A process that takes billions of years...

Your soul knows this, but your conscience chooses not to accept it, generally. Remember the ownership stuff I discussed earlier? Just so you know, your opinion doesn't mean anything. The only way to garner respect in this system is a desire for transcendence.

There's the pickle... and subsequently why everyone alive on this planet currently, chose to be here, and HAD TO agree to the terms at least 3 times each. No exceptions, not even me.

Why did you make this choice? Because you were confronted with a decision; life on Earth (again) in hopes of gaining transcendence, or deletion. You and everyone else alive chose the former. What does that tell you about deletion? Deletion is the single most painful experience that a soul can go through.


Aug 11, 2021
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Very fascinating stuff, though I don't know about the dichotomy created by using terms like un-truth. If we are a relative ecosystem of conscious meta-dynamics, then an idea that would lead to actions that would kill the idea are no more one thing than another thing is that thing. It would simply be the idea operating within the bounds of itself to reach the fulfilment of itself. I feel this connotation in the article that there is some sort of good/bad dichotomy between the concepts of "existing" and "not existing" seems unnecessary and irrelevant to a meta-schema or a meta-doctrine. The idea of assigning any negativity or positivity to a self-created system of meta-existence makes it seem like the concepts being presented don't come from a fully honest arbiter or, at best, an arbiter who doesn't fully understand the concept. Not that I necessarily understand it any better, but I am fully interested now and will definitely read into this more.
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Nov 21, 2022
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I don't believe buildings tend to be evil by nature, but natural themed building can definitely house it within - referring to elfs of course, which are extremely real, as opposed to elves which are extremely not real. I don't disagree with anything presented but would conclude the 'problem' is that we simply have nothing left to promulgate, nothing of worth anyway, the human spirit is maxed out, or burned out, or done been snuffed out, but the shit is out and we all know it. Think of YOUR story, your day to day, or even most dramatic stretch to victory or defeat and try to imagine it presented with the weight, elevation and dignity of a piece of classical literature - embarrassed right? I'm not trying to say you (whoever reading) hasn't really lived man etc but rather that there is a fundamental, all-encompassing thing coating every aspect of our modern existence like a fine black mold particulate rendering the growth of anything but impossible, let alone an authentic flower stem or even dead petal peddled down the wind from when men had souls.

When meaning has to be sought, tirelessly, pathetically, recreationally and with brand synergism in mind, that simply means the meaning isn't there. If it was you wouldn't get to choose it.

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