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Why is the media elite pushing "Insect Eating"?


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Why are media websites pushing for entomophagy so hard? Just google "eating insects" and you get bombarded with articles about how we need to all start eating insects and giving up beef and whatnot because it's more "sustainable". The problem isn't sustainability, grocery stores are forced (in America anyway) to throw out boatloads of food every week because the goverment says they have to when that food could still be sold or donated.

Yall think the rich elite in America are gonna give up steak and start eating bugs and drinking cockroach milk (the new superfood THEY are pushing, it's not a milk its a yellowish juice made from their stomach crystals) like the rest of us? You think Hilary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg and Soros are gonna just start willingly eat bugs for the rest of their lives?

It's a way to normalize eating grubs and shit while the rich elite hoard the good food for themselves. There was a paper or an article or a book written by a guy explaining how a country had planned this exact scenario but it never game to fruition, if anyone has the link to it I would appreciate it very much.

Drink your cockroach milk, citizen.


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Stuff like this is why I don't read or watch msm anymore lol. I stay away from meat and I'm doing just fine without bugs haha.

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I'm open to eating bugs instead of meat, but I don't think if everyone did that it would solve many problems though. Supermarkets would be throwing out as many bugs as they do meat; Sure grasshoppers don't need to be watered and they need little food, but they're expensive to farm; and I feel like we would be swapping out the methane problem for a different environmental problem. The entire system is too unsustainable for one change to make a massive difference.


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I live in Wageningen, a university city that has been leading the research on the consumption of insects for over a decade. I actually know people researching this exact topic. As far as I can see this isn't part of some grand conspiracy but just another version of bringing about "ethical consumption under capitalism". This is how people here see it:
- In many food cultures, especially Asian, the consumption of insects is considered normal.
- Insects are protein-rich and nutritional.
- The amount of animal suffering when breeding insects for consumption is considered far smaller than the amount of harm industrial livestock farming does.
- The environmental impact of insect-based food products is drastically smaller than that of other animal-based food products.
But here comes the big one:
- Novelty foods are a thing people are willing to pay a premium for. The research conducted in my city is aimed at marketization of insects as a safe, healthy, mass-market food product. There is serious money to be made here!

TL;DR: the food industry want to make a profit and this could be a next-big-thing. That "agenda" of yours is just the marketing of a novelty food product with a shock value (I guess thats part of the appeal).

but don't worry, the vast majority of insect-based food will most likely not be sold to consumers directly, but as a resource for making processed foods. It will probably become a bulk ingredient thats added to products just like soy and palm-oil are today. Not sure how comforting that is for you though :)
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