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You can’t call out Northam for racism and give Trump a pass.


Honestly I hate that Fox is the only mainstream republican news site. As a liberal I want there to be a reliable republican news station so that Republicans can easily make informed decisions about what they want, but no. They have Fox News, which will lie, omit the truth, make faulty stories, and pass on anything negative about Trump because the fans of Fox News don’t watch it to hear the news, they watch it to hear what they want.

The Republican base has been emboldened to speak publicly in the last 10 years. The GOP base has been quietly racist since the civil Rights movement and when all of the "blue dog" Democrats jumped shipped to the GOP because they objected to desegregation.

remember, before the civil Rights movement the Democratic party was a coalition of northern liberals and southern racists but who felt that the social contract mattered. After Nixon got elected it was painfully obvious that the southern racists no longer gave a shit about the social contract. They were there and they were there quietly voting for people like David Duke, Mitch McConnell, Jesse Helm, and other southern avowed racists.

After 24 years of Fox News as the Propaganda Ministry with the help of assholes like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, 2 1/2 generations of GOP racists have been taught that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy. Not people with differing views, the enemy who is trying to destroy America. these assholes actually think they are being patriotic.

And having the fucking president of the United States be as vulgar and disrespectful and bigoted as they are has emboldened them to marching with tiki torches and murdering protesters with their cars. 8 years of incessant attacks on Obama by conservative commentators and their elected representatives taught them that they were "right".

These people just no longer feel any shame in their bigoted hateful beliefs. They believe they are correct and that it is only natural for them to finally be allowed to speak out because the Leader of the Free World has set a wonderful example for them.
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