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Youtube comments

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Reach heaven through violence
Jul 24, 2021
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Before YouTube upped its censorship game I used to engage in conversation threads and I remember having debates sprawling hundreds of messages often between only two or three people. YouTube now deletes all comments that are controversial or heavily counter-signaled. I have my suspicion that comments on highly rated videos are all bots anyway as often they have hundreds or thousands of votes while only being tangentially related to the video. I sure do love the dead internet.
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call me bun
May 24, 2022
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can we talk about how many porn bots are on youtube now? They will copy a comment from someone else and then get pushed to the top of the replies and people act like it's a normal person
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call me bun
May 24, 2022
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can we talk about how many porn bots are on youtube now? They will copy a comment from someone else and then get pushed to the top of the replies and people act like it's a normal person
i just realized this was my 666th post
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Dec 24, 2022
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On the original MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー | video, there was a trend of meme posting comments that asked an esoteric philosophical question followed by /music plays. Can't screen cap em anymore since the video got taken down, but some of my favorites were.

Do you think the ocean's salty, because the land never waves back?
/music plays

If you clean a vacuum, are you a vacuum cleaner?
/music plays

Is expired poison less dangerous, or more?
/music plays

If Sponge bob is supposed to be the main character, then why is Patrick the star?
/music plays
try Teen pregnancy, by Blank Banshee next (
View: https://youtu.be/RQxDM2K-hd0


I just lost my dad almost two months ago I miss him so much but ik his suffering on this earth has ended and ik he's happier away from this place.

I love u so much dad and I will carry ur love and memories with me forever till the end

26/05/2023 reminds me of the time I smoked weed all the time and done nothing; would I go back to them times I don't know

5/25/2023 i cant stop thinking of ending it every time something goes wrong...im in so much pain and fear i don't know how im gonna make it past this


I'm terrified on the edge of that familiar void.


I don't really understand why people are commenting here but I guess I will also do this. I am pretty excited for the future since it's the summer soon! I cannot wait to visit my grandparent's house and the mountains nearby with my cousin. I hope I learn more Japanese because I have learnt the basics in the past months :)

私のなまえはみらです。:)) Good luck and see you later :D


I'm feeling so empty. the world doesn't seem real, and I feel like I'm about to fade away.

May 22nd, 2023. I'm fuckin awesome

pred 7 dňami



Sat, 5/20/23


Starting out in life, not sure what to feel ngl...


Feels good to comeback here after a very long time..

Friday, May 19th 2023 11:58 CEST

they won't know what hit them

5/18/2023 Im done being so weak when i know deep inside that if i show my true capabilities or power people wont feel safe and wanna hangout with me that i just keep my feelings lock up until im alone by myself some day when i have no one left to care about me and im only 13 why am i worrying about this now u might ask its that my life is a monumental fk up and i know i got it easier than other people but nearly everyone in my family are dead that i only have 2 left


" Persephone was here "


I am still mentally a kid who want mom's help and love forever, I am not ready, no one told you when it started

It was just a little mistake

This song is stupid because ot just have 1 sentence and then music.

5/16/23 I'm just a kid... adulthood is suffering


I don't know wtf im doing here


I feel like I'm so close to losing my mind that it's a miracle that I still haven't yet

Stay strong



I just can't take it anymore, my life has been on automatic mode for so long....

16/5/2023 00:05

from last comment, ive destroyed my sleep schedule


Ilk kez anksiyete için bir ilaç kullanmaya başladım ve biraz garip hissediyorum gereksiz bir şekilde aşırı mutluyum ama bu hissin sahte olduğunu düşünmeden de edemiyorum


back in familiar surroundings via bittersweet circumstances, love lost but not forgotten, life feeling like it's in the post-game



In the middle of my track season, post breakup, unsure of what is to come next, fighting to get to the top of the lateral hierarchy in what we call our society

may 12 2023

going with the flow


I wish he understood

5 May 23

Close to getting a 1cc on Gradius Galaxies


i like the song its releatable


Tryin to keep my dreamy boy from figuring out he deserves better than me i guess


I'm productive, got a job, going to the gym, and getting bitches

This is the best fusion about a Canadian Pregnant Fictcional Teen NPC,Grandmaster Flash,and Slavic People Clapping on a birthday party.....


this thing happening in the comments section is cringe but its kinda cool anyyway im sick right now but you know what else is sick yeah its this song can i get an amen hahaaaa i love vaportrap

что комментов так много(


Just one word: atmospheric



Why people have ruined this comment section? Did it get famous at TikTok or something?


what's up y'all

5/5/23 "Can I put my bawlls in yo jawws"


I got a emo boyfriend on roblox and he scammed me 1500 robux pls help me

i'm in a relationship and very happy atm



People are cringe in this comment section

2/5/23 :(


I have no idea why other's are dating their comments like this, nor am I likely to find out. However, regardless of such, I have decided to make my own comment and it will be dedicated to telling the others who so happen to come across this to;

- Remember to drink water.

You need that hydration, stave off those headaches and feel a bit better for it.

- Make sure to try and sleep on a regular schedule with enough hours.

I'm a hypocrite for saying this but hey, doesn't mean it's not good to do, no? I'm trying my own best to keep on a schedule so that I help keep my mental health a little bit better than it would be if I hadn't. I believe in you, and it's okay if you break it a few times, just try your best to get on that schedule once again.

- Remember to keep your living spaces / spot you exist in regularly clean!

Just a little bit of organization, clean it up a smidge. Our environments affect our mental health funnily enough, a little bit of organization is good sometimes.

- Remember to go in the wet box regularly! [Wet box: shower]

Our physical state also affects our mental health, sometimes just freshening up like just washing your hair or making yourself look nice just for yourself helps out quite a bit! It's almost a bit stupid how well it works. I know personally I've figured out that each time my hair gets oily that I tend to end up being more depressed, soon as it's clean, Bam, much happier. It's so ridiculous that it works like that.

- Make sure to eat!

A bit self explanatory, give you some good energy, even if it's just something like snacky food when you haven't eaten anything else all day is good. Find some low effort foods to make repeatedly if cooking tends to be too much effort. That or just have a bunch of individual things that are good for ya that you just eat separately together in one meal, works all the same!

Just need that Sustenance <3

Hope you are having, or will have, a good day or night where ever you anonymous readers may be.


Asthma is ruining my life


You just had to be there.


Everyone else did it so I did


I decided to go productive.


anyone in this comment section smoke weed


Work everyday but even with three people's income. It's barely enough to pay rent and bills. We disregard anything that's not important or immediate. I try to take joy in my writing. I try to do it for 2 hours everyday. But I can't help but feel like I'm moving backwards since I moved away from my hometown. I look at others and I see that same pain in their eyes. It's awful to know there's so much pain in those I love. I have hope we'll pull through this together. Somethings bound to give.

Great song but also surprised to find this as an internet checkpoint


This is a straight slapper what else can I say?


I'm in love of someone who had a daughter at teen years and I don't know if I'm ready for such commitment.


I keep letting the days go by. I really need to get started working on my dreams/career, but I keep wasting time, looking for excuses to pass the time and let bills rack up. I always squeeze out of situations, but I need to start being more accountable. Never give up on your dreams. If no one told you today, good morning, I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful day, World ❤


This Song Bops


It's been 1 year and I need to wait you for 2 years or more i don't know what should I do without you.. I cut my arm too much and I tired of this..

pred 1 mesiacom


i started to like vaporwave because of this song

2012 was truly a great year for music

21-04-23 why are there so many corny comments
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