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YouTube trolling in 2007

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Anyone remember the old ass YouTube trolling communities from 2007 or perhaps earlier? These were the years when you could produce direct video responses to a specific user, and dialogues would occur from all these back-and-forth videos within the userbase. A result of these was the rise of YouTube trolls.

With the mass normalization of the internet and the subsequent rise in YouTube's popularity during 2007, people uninitiated with the seedier side didn't really know how to deal with trolls. Trolling was still a foreign concept to most of the internet, so it wasn't hard riling up users thinking YouTube was their safe space.

Some of the earliest lolcows and trolls I became familiar with cropped up during this era. Two of the more prominent trolling crews were the Second Life griefers The Patriotic Nigras and Fried Chicken Trolling Crew. Most of them have long since become inactive and YouTube's sanitization has effectively salted the earth, but the memory still lives on. Anyone else remember those days?
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