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You talk about free speech because you wish for hate crimes to go unpunished; I talk about free speech because I wish for the creative flourishing of the oppressed majority.
We're not the same :)
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I know it's too early to call it, but I'm p sure I just failed my math midterm.
Is there any hope of turning around my grade :c
It's that time of the month where I dissociate to Sewerslvt for hours on end.
I've just been getting into sewerslvt for the first time over the last week, it's a vibe.
(Thank you for noticing this warning)
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Ahhhh, there's so much to do! I have like nine labs for my COMP-271 class >.<
Either way, this can only go well ( ._.)
It's all good people!
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>This last week I feel like math is beginning to make more sense! Logs don't seem so hard and working with newer functions is starting to take less processing time!<​
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