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  1. Hobo8239

    Whats the deal with people adding -core to the end of a word?

    It just suddenly makes it a new aesthetic.
  2. ITT: Post your favourite aesthetics

    Post aesthetics which you like or that interest you in this thread. Any aesthetic is fine).:agsmile: As for me, my favourite is without any doubt Frutiger Aero. While nostalgia plays a main factor in it, the calm music, combination of nature and digital, its humanism and its utopian feelings...
  3. Some_porcupine

    Aesthetics Wiki thread - ideas, mutual help, details, designs

    As first post: There is *this* problem on Ae. wiki, there was question (1). Then,weirdly enough, i saw this related image (2). (1) - (is there an aesthetic like this?) (2) -...