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Mobile games worth playing


Internet Refugee
Feb 24, 2023
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I can wholeheartedly recommend Sierra 7, shooter game. Not player-versus-player, mind you.

It's a mobile port of the equally-aged Sierra 7 flash game with a few minor changes including a more comprehensive story and a slide-style shooting instead of tapping. Gives it more weight, imo. I won't spoil said story, it's incredibly basic, but better to have it than not. Most of the time it's the main shooting, but there's also a few sniper sections, where the game plays as if it's a puzzle.

Now for all the praises I sing, it's not without issues. Support and updates ended a while ago, the 'cooler' items are locked behind a paywall, and ads galore. And a few grammar issues. That being said, you can still have an enjoyable experience using the base equipment.


Apr 26, 2023
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I've always suggested games made by Kairosoft whenever asked about phone games.
Of theirs I've played Game Dev Story, Dungeon Village 1 + 2, Pocket Academy, Station Manager, Home Run High, Beastie Bay and Grand Prix Story. Game Dev Story being my fav of that lot. They're all essentially management sims, and very engaging.

Originally Kairosoft released Game Dev Story back in '97 for the PC, so it has been ported technically. Not sure about any of the other games, and to be honest I'm not quite sure how different the original PC release of Game Dev Story is to the version currently available on phones. Would highly recommend any of the ones I mentioned if you like management sim games, pick a setting that appeals most to you.
I've recently tried out Tropical Resort Story by them. It's pretty nice but I wish I knew how to change hats.
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