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  1. Voicedrew

    Agora Road Travelogue (November)

    Still working on compiling the last two months articles. Great stuff y'all! Experimental: If you failed to meet the deadline in October, submit your article in November, and make the difference (ie. have three posts total rather than just two). Agora Road Travelogue Join ZinRickys RSS feed...
  2. Eden

    Agora Road Travelogue (October Blogging)

    Just keeping @Voicedrew's train going for October (August + September threads) Initially inspired by the Bring Back Blogging movement, this is an Agora version to encourage y'all to WRITE STUFF! Agora Road Travelogue Join ZinRickys RSS feed like a baws Commit to writing 2 blog posts in this...
  3. h00

    Agora Road Travelouge (September Blogging)

    Basically just reposting @Voicedrew s cool idea for September (Augusts thread here) Initially inspired by @Eden's blog and their participation in the https://bringback.blog/ movement, this is an Agora movement to encourage y'all to WRITE STUFF! Agora Road Travelogue Join ZinRickys RSS feed...
  4. Voicedrew

    Agora Road Travelouge (August Blogging)

    I was reading @Eden's blog and as a consequence found out about https://bringback.blog/, an effort in January 2022 to get people to write blog posts. I thought that was pretty based, so I will be doing something similar on here. Agora Road Travelogue Members will commit to writing 2 blog posts...
  5. Vetusomaru

    Any recommended blogger hoster?

    Any recommended blogger hoster for making my own personal blog? I tried dreamwidth and Google's Blogger but I'm not fan of their interface/menu. At dreamwidth you can't even upload photos directly from your PC/phone.