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I've made a few oddball remixes for a few Future Funkers (ENIMAPOD)


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Hello, fellow vapor-ey taters'.

My general musical style tends to not be Vaporwave. However, it is still a tool that I am not shy to break out when required.

My default style is generally more oriented towards a fusion of the likes of Electro-Industrial, EBM, and synth-pop-ey stuff from the 80's with Math Rock, Prog. Rock, and Post. Rock, as well as pretty much whatever my ears stumble upon. Such, of course, includes vaporwave sometimes, as well as offshoots.

Back in November, I had become somewhat intrigued after having listened to Mere Notilde's Solanin by that point, so I decided to create two experimental remixes with materials from the album and her youtube channel. The second was a simple, ecco-jams inspired piece, while the first was an all out barrage of different styles (Future Funk, meat & potatoes vapor-stuff, Broken Transmission/Signalwave, etc,) over 9 minutes.

It took me until late December to do anything with the tracks. Just before Christmas, I sent an unrelated remix to the Industrial/EBM band Chrome Corpse (of which did suprisingly well init of itself; BC link below,) and decided that it would be best to finally do the same with the remixes for Mere. A day or so after I sent the material, she replied back, stating that she liked the stuff and things.

Unrelated CC material: https://chromecorpse.bandcamp.com/track/firing-rate-enimapod-remix

Long story short, I put the stuff on hold, improvised a few remixes out of boredom over the next month, and finally released the overall mass of stuff in February of this year.

BC: https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/album/mere-medley

YT: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-uokCY15vc[/youtube]

She liked it, and ended up reposting it on the twitter machine thing.

... (continued)


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A slight bit later on, I decided to do another remix with one of the preview tracks that she was posting for the then upcoming album Sample Heaven. This time, I followed the first overall remix's general compositional stylings, but dialed up the math rock influences up to 11, using more time signatures than necessary to get the job done.


I tend to refer to this general sort of style that I've been working with as, "Math & Body," since it takes the aforementioned asymmetry, constant motion, and overall weirdness of Math Rock and fuses it with the more stompy grooves of dance music - most specifically the Electronic Body Music of bands such as Front 242 in my case, hence the body part instead of, "funk," or anything of the sort.

More recently, I ended up stumbling upon Strawberry Station's Twitter feed. Hence, I decided to give Still Here (their most recent single) a taste. Within the first few measures, I went, "Mostly Isolated pads? Okie, I'ma do a thingie, now..." and started noodling into it, though without much background in their material.

I soon put it on hold after hitting a roadblock, only to return to it a few days later and whip out the rest of the track out while watching our (me & my parents'; I'm 17) chickens. I soon sent it to them, and they enjoyed it.

I'm not going to spoil it for now, since we still haven't made it public. However, here's a quick little thingie to tease its contents before I hopefully take responsibility & finish the description, tags, and so on for the video for it that I uploaded to Youtube:

When it's public, I'll reply to this bit-mo-jig with my and/or Strawberry Station's upload of the material.

Edit: the cut-out bit from a DM with Strawberry Station apparently doesn't want to show up because reasons and crud, so here's what it said directly:

"Wow! That was trippy as hell!"
"Love it!"


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Me & Strawberry Station just made the track public.

He ended up putting it on the Bandcamp page for the original track. If you already own the release, you can go and download the individual track if you're interested. It's mastered a bit quieter than the other masters on the release, though, simply because I prefer more dynamic mastering with much less compression & fiddling.

Strawberry Station's Bandcamp:

Visual/video on my youtube channel:

Individual track on my Bandcamp:
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