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May 25, 2021
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Howdy AgoraRoad, it's been a hot minute since I've posted anything truly special on the forum so I'm deciding to revive an old pastime that I have always been privy to discussing- movies and what I think about them. During my time off work, I'll often explore movies which are either lesser-known or not quite as accessible to common audiences, building a cinematic catalog that I think you might enjoy.

I'm kicking this "series" off with a look at a film which I'd been putting off for quite some time- Josh Mond's character drama "James White."

Released back in 2015, James White is one of those movies that feels like a primer for the "Millennial Condition"- how one man from a generation known for its stunted disposition and mediocre prospects must finally make the decision to grow up as he is faced with true adversity. The titular character- James White- is every bit the trainwreck as one could imagine from a millennial urbanite, a prisoner of both selfishness and longing who lives day by day on the good graces of others before something changes his life course forever.

The most striking aspect of the film to me was how realistic James feels as a character. In most other movies, actors feel like actors. They feel like a persona that's being worn for the sake of a paycheck or social clout. Christopher Abbott's performance doesn't feel like a performance at all but rather someone you would meet in your everyday life. On top of this, the movie isn't long and doesn't overstay its welcome. You're in, you see what needs to be seen, and you're out.

One part Falling Down, one part Stand By Me, shake and serve over the late Obama-era zeitgeist and you have a movie that I think might be worth your time. I want to call it a 'period piece,' but its more fitting to leave it as a character drama about perseverance, hope, sorrow, and finding what matters the most to you.

I intend to keep reviewing movies over the coming months so stay checked in. I'm always open to suggestions and other movies which expand my palette.

Until next time, stay cool.


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